Start With Yourself

GENRE: Drama

TIME: 21 х 26 min.


DISTRIBUTION: TV broadcasting

STATUS: a pilot episode has been shot; TV rights are for sale.

PLOT: A new teacher of music, famous musician in the past, organizes Support Club for the people sick with AIDS at the school. His idea is met with  indifference, aggression and lack of understanding but he continues with its realization because his past doesn’t let him rest. In this past he had lost people dear to him because they were sick with this dreadful disease. ..


In this sequel – everything is real:

– real musicians who really know how to play;

– real feeling, which no one can can fake;

In this film classes are conducted,  pupils get marks and the music is played. These pupils simply live their lives,  and outside the film huge amount of other teen-agers, dreamers, poets, music fans, teasers, nerds, losers, hipsters and punks, trend-setters and clubbers, mom’s boys and girls  follow them. We do not know where they will come to yet. Maybe at the end of the first season of broadcasting we will invite everybody to the musical festival.  Or, perhaps, we will organize a huge picnic for those who care and we will figure out how to raise the money for this idea of support. We do not know yet.  

DIRECTOR: Igor Ryabchuk

SCRIPT WRITERS: Dmitriy Chernyavsky, Sergey Lokshin
CAMERA MAN: Dmitriy Stanev
PRODUCERS  Yuriy Lazurenko, Olga Goncharova
STARRING: Gennadiy Popenko, Olga Lukyanenko, Alexandr Popov, Irina Mak, Anastasia Egorova, Oleg Zagorodniy, Anastasia Drizo, Mikhail Katsurin, Viktoria Tokmanenko


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