Bogdan Brodsky

07.08.1999 г.р.

filmography :
2011 –feature film   «Rock’n’Ball», dir. Prikhos’ko – Borya, a friend of the main character
2011 – series «Kostoprav» (12 episodes), dir. V.Melnichenko – son of the businessman Rzhavsky - trailer «Rock’n’Ball» - trailer «Kostoprav» - series «Pig in a poke»



Full media report: Rock'n'Ball Premiere

Over 60 journalists attended the premiere of Rock'n'Ball in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 27, 2011. 


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Telekritika, Ukraine’s #1 media portal, interviews Rock'n'Ball director Dmytro Prykhodko 


BBC Ukraine: Cannes film festival is a “boiling borsch”

S.M.Art Invest was mentioned  in BBC report on the Ukraine Pavillion in Cannes


With its emotional approach and young talent, Rock'n'Ball outplayed million-dollar films

Rock’n’Ball was the best debute presented at Molodist, according to


Rock’n’Ball rocks Ukrainian film industry

The premiere of Rock'n'Ball caused a major stir with 60 journalists covering the event.