Today we pay tribute to Bogdan Stupka, the inspirational leader of Ukrainian film and theatre, who passed away on Sunday, July 22.

Our sympathy goes to Bogdan’s son Ostap Stupka and his family.

Yuriy Lazurenko, S.M.Art Invest:

“Seeing Bogdan Stupka perform – on screen or on stage – has always left me mesmerized. Bogdan Stupka held absolute power over his audience– he could scare, entertain, make one laugh or cry in a mere second .

Apart from his tremendous talent, Stupka is a true Hero, for he has had the courage to devote his life to doing what he loved most. For the past 3 decades, when Ukrainian cinema had been stagnating, Bogdan was the symbol of hope. In a way, Stupka opened Ukrainian film, Ukrainian art, Ukrainian culture to the World, and I will always look up to him. ”







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