Ukrainian film ROCK'N'BALL has taken part in CINEfoot Film Festival in Brazil.

ROCK'N'BALL is the only Ukrainian film selected for the main competition program, along with films from Denmark, Germany, USA and Latin America.

ROCK'N'BALL tells a story about a "small adult" and a "big baby" – one who believes in miracles and one who has lost faith in happiness. The central plotline is the unlikely friendship between young footballer Dima, abandoned his parents, and Polish rock musician who, after a fun night in Ukraine, woke up penniless in the streets of Donetsk.

At the festival in Brazil, the film was demonstrated twice – as part of the main competition program in Rio de Janeiro on May 26, 2012 - and once again, in Sao Paulo, on  June 4.


Since the making of the film in 2011, ROCK'N'BALL participated in more than 10 film festivals and earned positive reviews all around the Globe:

• May 2011 - ROCK'N'BALL is the only Ukrainian full-length film presented at the Film Market of the 64th Cannes Film Festival

• November 2011 - ROCK'N'BALL wins "Best Newcomer"award at the German Film Festival Cottbus

• February 2012 - ROCK'N'BALL wins Award of Excellence at the international competition The Accolade Film, Television, New Media and Videography Awards in California, USA

• March 2012 - ROCK'N'BALL shown in the USA once again, this time at Cleveland International Film Festival

• March 2012 - ROCK'N'BALL takes part in the 9 th International Film Festival 11 mm Footballfilmfestival in Berlin



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