In 2011, just one year after the launch, S.M.Art Invest produced its first full-length film. With Rock'n'Ball we proved that we are well-equipped to shoot high-quality films in Ukraine.
Since then, we have secured partnerships with Ukraine’s leading film industry organizations who, just like us, firmly believe that CINEMA in Ukraine has a future.
We are enthusiasts with a global vision and a situational approach. Together with experienced experts and consultants,  we are  working hard to revive Ukraine’s film industry.
Our portfolio to-date offers innovative film and TV projects aimed at local and  international markets.
And we've got even more exciting projects on the way!


Full media report: Rock'n'Ball Premiere

Over 60 journalists attended the premiere of Rock'n'Ball in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 27, 2011. 


Ukraine’s #1 media portal: All praise for the director of ROCK’N’BALL

Telekritika, Ukraine’s #1 media portal, interviews Rock'n'Ball director Dmytro Prykhodko 


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S.M.Art Invest was mentioned  in BBC report on the Ukraine Pavillion in Cannes


With its emotional approach and young talent, Rock'n'Ball outplayed million-dollar films

Rock’n’Ball was the best debute presented at Molodist, according to


Rock’n’Ball rocks Ukrainian film industry

The premiere of Rock'n'Ball caused a major stir with 60 journalists covering the event.