Ukrainian National Booth in Cannes To Become Meeting Place for Ukrainian and European Cinema Professionals

May 5, 2011, the Sinemateka hall of the Kyiv cinema theater Culture Center (19 Vel. Vasylkivska St., Kyiv) hosted a press conference, Ukrainian Cinema in Cannes: New Format, New Opportunities.

Among the participants of the event were Head of the State Agency for Cinematography Kateryna Kopylova, President of the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation Andriy Khalpakhchi, representative of the Ukrainian Innovation Bank Svitlana Korchynska, producer of the In Love in Kyiv almanac Volodymyr Khorunzhy, and producer of the ROCK'N'BALL film Maksym Onopriyenko.

Also present were authors of ROCK'N'BALL - director Dmytro Prykhodko, young actors Oleksiy Minko and Bohdan Brodsky, along with Anton Slepakov, frontman of I Druh Moy Hruzovyk group that had created the film's soundtrack. The In Love with Kyiv almanac was presented by directors Oleh Borshchevsky, Taras Tkachenko, Olha Hibelinda, and Denys Hamzinov.

For the fourth year in a row the Ukrainian cinema will be presented at the Cannes Film Market, one of the world's biggest and most prominent film forums. May 11-21, the Ukrainian National Booth will operate at Village Internacionale, presented by the State Agency for Cinematography together with the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation with the support of the general sponsor, Ukrainian Innovation Bank, and Ukraine's International Airlines.

Mr. Khalpakhchi spoke in more detail of the stand's work. He emphasized the fact that this year the stand's activity goes far beyond presentation: representatives of distribution and production companies, directors, and producers will work together. Among them are B&H cinema distribution company, Interfilm film concern, Arthouse Traffic production and distribution company, and Sota Cinema Group cinema holding.

The Ukrainian Booth will become a meeting place for Ukrainian and European movie professionals, a ground for presentation of completed films and future masterpieces still in the production stage, as well as promising ideas able to draw interest of European cinema gurus.

Two Ukrainian projects will be presented AT Cannes Film Market: In Love with Kyiv almanac and Dmytro Prykhodko's ROCK'N'BALL. The latter will be shown May 17 at 6:00 pm at Palace E; In Love with Kyiv will be presented to European public May 18 at 6:00 pm at Arcade 2 movie theater. Additionally, May 17 at 8:00 pm Palace E will see the premiere of Jerks: Arabesques by Arthouse Traffic Company.

This year the Ukrainian National Booth will present a series of projects under the common name of the New Ukrainian Cinema: House with a Turret by Yeva Neyman, Let It Be Done for You As You Have Believed by Mykyta Ratnikov, Common Affair by Valentyn Vasianovych, Hewhocamethroughfire by Mykhaylo Illenko, Offside by Natalia Klymenko, Goddesses by Anton Komiakhov. Arthouse Traffic Company will present the Ukraine, goodbye! project - a collection of short films by various directors. Sota Cinema Group's new projects will be presented by Oleh Kokhan.

By tradition, the Ukrainian Booth will also present cinema events taking place in Ukraine: Odesa International Film Festival and Kyiv Molodist IFF.

May 17 is the Day of Paradzhanov at Cannrs International Film Market. It will be celebrated by a presentation of Paradzhanov feature film by its directors Serge Avedikian and Olena Fetisova.

In general, around € 50,000 will be spent on the presentation of Ukrainian cinema in Cannes, with most of it being earmarked for leasing the pavilion and other festival facilities. This year no Ukrainian party is scheduled.

One of the most significant events for Ukraine in Cannes will be the signing of an bilateral agreement On Joint Cinema Production between Ukraine and France by ministers of culture of the respective countries, Mykhaylo Kuliniak and Frederic Mitterand. Kateryna Kopyloa spoke of the agreement in more detail. In her words, the signing of this agreement opens a way for producing films in direct cooperation between the two countries, which had been impossible previously, even considering the fact that Ukraine has ratified the European Convemtion on film production 2 years ago. Ms. Kopylova emphasized the fact that the agreement is focused on educational programs and giing young Ukrainian filmmakers a chance to study and practice in France.

"Ukraine is interested in getting access to the European cinema space. Its participation in European co-production programs, on the one hand, will give an opportunity to increase the competitive value of domestic film products and its volumes, and, on the other hand, will make it possible to enter international markets, to promote and distribute Ukrainian films abroad with the support of international European organizations," Ms. Kopylova said. "Today France is a major country on the European market; thus, our efforts were aimed at signing an agreement precisely with this country. I am certain that the agreement On Joint Film Production will give a powerful impetus for the Ukrainian cinema to rise to a new level and will path for us a way to Europe."

The agreement is signed for two years term with tacit extension.

"The Ukrainian Innovative Bank has always supported innovative creative projects by energetic young people. Thus, sponsoring the New Ukrainian Cinema project in Cannes goes along the lines of our plans regarding participation in social programs for Ukraine's development," Ms. Korchynska said. "This is our contribution into renewing the Ukrainian cinema and promoting our talents, enhancing Ukraine's image in general." Ms. Korchynska addaed that UkrInBank had been supporting talented young people for many years: artists, musicians, athletes; also, it has a program to support children with diabetes.

As for the Cannes festival schedule, Ukrainian short films prevail. The short films competition features Cross by Maryna Vroda, and over 10 films will be presented in Short Corner, the out-of-competition program.

Ukraine's State Agency for Cinema (Derzhkino Ukrayiny) is a central body of executive power in Ukraine aimed at forming and implementing the state policy in cinema. Today Derzhkino carries out preparing draft regulatory legal acts, connected with securing state protectionism for domestic film production, stimulating the development of Ukrainian film industry and technical reequipment of this sector. The agency was commissioned to secure creating due legal and economic conditions for renewing the domestic cinema art and making it competitive on the international market.

PAT "UKRINBANK" (Ukrainian Innovativa Bank) was registered January 24, 1989, registration number 9, NBU license No. 23 of January 10, 2002. It was the first commercial bank in Ukraine's territory. In 2011, the bank's active assets were UAH 2.657 billion, investment-grade credit rating - UAH 1.861 billion, customer deposits - 1.255 billion. UkrInBank's regional network unites 112 bank facilities (19 filial branches and 93 divisions) throughout Ukraine. Also, the bank has an ATM network.

The Ukrainian Cinema Foundation was created under the aegis of Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation in October 2007. Its major goal is presenting classic and new Ukrainian films to foreign movie pros and broad public, as well as promoting the Ukrainian cinema internationally. The UCF strives to enhance Ukraine's image abroad, increasing its competitive value in the international market, providing access to this market for Ukrainian filmmakers, finding new markets for Ukrainian films, extending distribution opportunities for Ukrainian films, accumulating and sharing their experience.

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